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Frequently asked Questions

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Shall I deposit my money to the project to earn?

No! First: You receive 1 building at registration, second: you can receive cash income for withdrawal from referral program, third you receive bonus every 6 hours!

How many gold/silver is equal to BCH?

O.OO1 BCH = 1000 gold /silver!

I have gold for purchases, why cannot sell it in marketplace?

You can sell "gold/silver for selling" only!

How much can I earn in your project?

Grow Up your Empire, build and upgrade buildings, and gain unlimited income!

What do I receive by inviting friends?

You will receive 20% of their replenishment, and you withdraw your commission to your wallet, playing with it is not required!

You will receive also 50% of their Bonus in Gold or Silver !

withdrawal frequency?

You can request payment more than one time per day and payment will be sent automatically throught !

How much can I withdraw and deposit?

No limit for the minimum or maximum amount for deposit! for withdrawal min is 0.000001 and No maximum amount limit!

What are crystals?

Crystals in the game (Ruby, Emerald) are produced by buildings. You must collect it and convert it to metals.

Crystals produced by gold buildings (bought with gold) converted to 50 % to gold balance for purchase and 50 % to silver balance for selling.

Crystals produced by silver buildings (bought with silver) converted to 50 % to silver balance for purchase and 50 % to gold balance for selling.